#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


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  • Saturday:       5,367
  • Sunday:          3,841
  • Monday:       11,904
  • Tuesday:       12,196
  • Wednesday:  12,471
  • Thursday:      11,790
  • Friday:           12,237

I had a few walks outdoors but more on the treadmill due to rain.

Read on the treadmill:

the sound of glass (5:12 NAL)

Last week Rita asked about reading on the treadmill and I said I’d post pics:

IMG_4219  IMG_4221  IMG_4223

The first pic is of the treadmill; next with the iPad Mini; last pic is what I see while reading. Everything else fades away and before I know it 45-60 minutes have flown by 🙂 Important to note is that (obviously) the book isn’t at eye level. It’s down a few inches and similar to sitting and reading a book. I was amazed the first time I tried reading this way. That said, I can’t walk and read a paper book – I’ve tried. Do you read while you walk?