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left neglected audio   saving grace by jane green   the bookseller (Mar3)

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The Wednesday Group (March3)   Hearth Stone (Feb24)

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a touch of stardust (Feb17)   the traveling tea shop (Mar3)


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  1. Hope you enjoy LEFT NEGLECTED. I read that one whenever it was that it came out. A few years ago. Such an interesting condition and one I’d never heard of.


  2. I loved Still Alice (hope to see the movie as well) so I really need to try Left Neglected. Hope you have a good Sunday Mary.


  3. Comment about one of your to-be-read books, LEFT NEGLECTED: I read this book. I was curious about how accurate an able-bodied person could be about the feelings of a brain injured person. I suffer from a brain injury as well, so I think I’m a pretty good judge.

    Genova is accurate in her descriptions of the feelings and thoughts of a brain injured person forced to live with an unexpected and inconvenient condition. Although brain injuries vary and do not all involve left neglect but some other result, the thoughts and feelings of the afflicted person and the reactions of nonafflicted people around her are common.


    • That sounds like a good endorsement. I recently read her new book INSIDE THE O’BRIENS. It’s very good. I also thought STILL ALICE was good. Thanks for your comment!


  4. The Traveling Tea Shop sounds lovely. Have a wonderful week, Mary! I have some interesting reviews and other features coming up on my blog soon, and hope you will stop by.


  5. Unsurprisingly The Bookseller will be going on my wishlist – the mention of Sliding Doors movie in the synopsis helped too. I love my tea so that title by Jones has caught my eye too 🙂

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    • I didn’t either so I looked at the email from the publisher and saw there was a widget for the egalley. It’s not great (has annoying shaded numbers on every line) but I have a schedule and need to stick to it. Really wish I would have received the promised print copy though 😒


  6. Great arrivals! I have had Left Neglected on my shelf for so long, it’s a real shame. I think I’ll take it out and try to read it soon!
    Thanks for the inspiration and happy reading!

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