#FitReaders Weekly Check-in


  • Sat:     5,788
  • Sun:  13,893
  • Mon:   7,107
  • Tue:     5,121
  • Wed:  16,157
  • Thu:  10,555
  • Fri:      6,685

Fitbit steps were inconsistent but I had a few good days that helped the average. It’s cold here in the upper midwest and we have about a foot of snow on the ground so no outdoor walking for me. Sending good thoughts to people in Boston and the rest of New England as they get another snow storm this weekend.

Read on the treadmill:

Never Too Late (Mar31)  Inside the O'Briens (Apr7)

How was your week?

11 thoughts on “#FitReaders Weekly Check-in

  1. Looks like you had some big stepping days which seem really great, I love having a big day because it helps that weekly stepping goal and means you can go a little easier other days.

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  2. Some big days to keep your average up … well done Mary! I’m working on consistency. Looking forward to your reviews of both those books.


  3. You had a good week! My step counts are usually inconsistent because it depends on how busy work is. For some days I’m running around the office helping everyone so my counts are higher. I hope you get warmer weather soon. Have a great week!

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