2014 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge: Wrap Up

2014 finishtheseriesrc

The 2014 FtSRC was the only challenge I accepted this year. I did ok but didn’t quite reach my goal of completing 3 series.

I finished the Grace Valley series by Robyn Carr and I’m up to date in Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. The links take you to the challenge page here on the blog. Scroll down to see my results.

Thanks to Yvonne for hosting. I haven’t decided if I’ll formally join the 2015 challenge. I may check in on the Goodreads FtSRC challenge page.

10 thoughts on “2014 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for joining us this year, Mary. You picked two series I’ve been dying to read but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I hope you join us next year too.


    • Thanks so much for hosting, Yvonne. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have finished (been up to date on) the Fool’s Gold series without this challenge!


  2. Good for you Mary.. I don’t think I am going to reach my goal of 182 books read this year.. But I have given it a good try.. I think for next year I will lower it a bit..


    • Kathleen, I think that’s an amazing amount of books read! My goal was 100 and then when I reached that I wanted to meet the number of books read last year (131). I’m almost there and should get there by Dec. 31.


    • Thanks, Diana. This was the trilogy before she started the Virgin River series. In fact, there was a little crossover in the VR series of a couple of characters from the Grace Valley trilogy. I used to have to read long series in order but rarely can anymore. I’ve found it usually doesn’t make a difference.


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