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Book arrivals (linked to Mailbox Monday)

Makin' Miracles (Dec30)  The Divorce Diet (Dec30)

Last week on Bookfan:

Singing to a Bulldog (Nov11)  you were meant for me (Oct7)  The Lodge on Holly Road (Oct28)

Currently reading:

the grand opening

 0First snow of the season

Happy reading!

23 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Snow already? wow — guess you are glad u r not in MN? 30″ someone said.

    Enjoy your new books Mary


    • Diane, we’ve had snow in October a few times but it always melts. I’m not so sure about this stuff. We’re not supposed to get out of the 20s this week. Yikes! One of my sisters lives in the Minneapolis area – she’s not happy.


  2. Returned from So. Florida to have snow and a 40 degree difference in temperature. Getting used to it. You have some nice books for winter’s read.


  3. Love the cover of The Divorce Diet. The Grand Opening has a gorgeous cover too…hope it is good.

    We haven’t gotten any snow, but it is cold and rainy. It is to go down to 13 one day this week. Yuck…too early for this.

    ENJOY all your books and your reading week.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday


  4. Hi Mary,

    Whilst we don’t have the shorts weather which Lucy describes, here in the UK, it is still very unseasonably warm, although it has turned very wet. I think I would prefer it to be dry and cold, although you can keep the white stuff on your side of the Atlantic, thanks very much 🙂

    Whilst I am not sure that either of your books are for me this week, I did like the words hidden away in the spoon of ‘The Divorce Diet’ … “It’s not how much you have to lose – but what you’ve got to gain” …. I really should write that one out and pin it on the wall above my desk!

    Thanks for sharing and have a good week,



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