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Book arrivals:

willowleaf lane  one plus one (july 1)

Last week on Bookfan:

  • Review:  That Part Was True by Deborah McKinlay
  • Review:  Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

Currently reading:

  • The Rosie Project by  Graeme Simsion  (audio)


Once again my blogiversary slipped my mind. You know that saying “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most” – yeah, that’s me. Tuesday was my Sixth Blogiversary. I can’t believe it. I didn’t expect that I would still be blogging all these years later but here I am. I guess when you love to read it’s hard not to tell people about the books you read. Blogging about books is a fantastic hobby for a book lover and I plan to continue as long as it remains a fun hobby. Thank you all for visiting. I appreciate your comments, recommendations, and friendship. Yes, I consider you all friends 🙂  I look forward to another year of blogging about wonderful books.


The best news of the week is the arrival of our granddaughter! Maggie was born Friday, February 7. We’re thrilled to finally meet her.


Happy reading!