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buzz books 2014  Mimi Malloy, At Last  blossom street brides (vine)

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three wishes  thursdays in the park


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  • Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

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30 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. I have Blossom Street Brides on hold at the library – love this series and am looking forward to reading this latest installment in the series!

    Have a great week!!!


  2. When I first clicked on your post, the colors of all the covers made me think of a chiffon parfait! Happy reading, Mary.


  3. I have not read Sarah Addison Allen before but will be reading Lost Lake soon. Love the cover of Thursdays in the Park!


  4. I downloaded the Spring Buzz Books too. Lots good in there and some reading choices to make.

    I see springtime in your new book covers. Soon, soon. 🙂


    • Where Cedar Cove is a small town setting, Blossom Street is in a large city and revolves around a yarn shop and the people who have a connection to it. I read all of the Cedar Cove books and a few of the Blossom Street series – all good!


  5. I loved Lost Lake, I’d forgotten how much I adore Sarah Addison Allen’s writing. I’m still not caught up on Blossom Street series, you’ll have to let me know if I need to, to really enjoy Blossom Street Brides? Happy reading 🙂


    • I’ve only read a couple of the Blossom Street books so I’ll let you know if it stands alone!
      I’m a big SAA fan and really liked Lost Lake. Sad that I don’t have it to look forward to any more, you know?


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