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Book arrivals:

redesigning rose  highs in the low fifties

flirting with pete  edenbrooke

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Books I’m reading this week:

  • The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (audio)
  • Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by Raeanne Thayne (eGalley)
  • The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen (arc)

Happy reading!

29 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. I am reading The Best Man now by Kristan Higgins. I will be glad to see what you think.

    I did not realize Barbara Delinsky had come out with another new one. Hope it is good.


    • I love Kristan Higgins’ books :). The Delinsky title is from her back list. I just finished Sweet Salt Grass and wanted to try another of her books. Thanks for visiting!


  2. I can’t remember if I read Flirting with Pete. I have read most of Barbara Delinsky’s books, but this one sounds like one I missed and must read. Thanks for brining this book to my attention..


    • I think it was published in 2003 so chances are you read it, Kathleen. Or maybe not and you have another book to look forward to reading 🙂 One of my Goodreads friends said this is her favorite Delinsky book!


  3. Looking forward to your review of Sweet Salt Grass and can’t wait to see what you think of The Best Man. I’m hoping to get to Kristan’s Blue Heron series really soon, Karen (my friend who guest reviews) loved the 2nd book. Have a great week Mary and happy reading 🙂


  4. I love Marion Winik’s essays! I just heard about this new collection when I was reading an essay in AARP and suddenly recognized from the details that it was her, even before I saw her byline. Back when my kids were younger, her essay collection The Lunchbox Chronicles was my #1 favorite book!

    Hope you enjoy this one – I need to look for it.


    Great Books for Kids and Teens

    Book By Book


    • Good to know, Sue. I don’t think I’ve read her essays but was offered a copy for review and thought I’d give it a try. Can’t wait to read it!


  5. Hi Mary,

    You have some great new books this week, however the one which really caught my eye, is ‘Edenbrooke’. One, it has an amazing cover and second, it is partially set in Bath. The Georgian City of Bath, is within ten miles of where I live, so any books which feature such a local location, will always interest me.

    Thanks for sharing your great finds this week.



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