Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

big girl panties

  • Title:  Big Girl Panties
  • Author:  Stephanie Evanovich
  • Genre:  Contemporary Romance
  • Published:  July 2013  – William Morrow
  • Source:  Publisher

My take:  Holly meets Logan on a flight from Montreal to Newark. She’s an overweight 32 year old widow and he’s an adonis-like trainer. To be sure, they are not each other’s type but they strike up a conversation that ends with Logan putting Holly on his training schedule. She puts her all into new habits of healthy eating and working out and reaps the rewards. Working so closely together forms an unlikely friendship that eventually moves into a relationship.

Holly finds it difficult to get past her self esteem issues to believe that Logan truly wants to be with her. Logan really likes her but is bothered by the fact he may care too much what people think when they see him with someone who isn’t a willowy, gorgeous blond model – his usual type.

Holly was as likable as she was relatable (if you’ve ever had weight issues). Big Girl Panties has some very sweet moments that I enjoyed but its spicy scenes may leave some readers blushing so be forewarned. All in all, Stephanie Evanovich’s sexy take on the Ugly Duckling story makes for an entertaining novel.