So long, Google Reader

As you must know by now Google Reader will be no more as of Monday, July 1. This week I decided to give Bloglovin’ a try. If it works, great. If not, I’ll try out another means of following blogs.

Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.24.16 PM

Once I’ve read a blog post it automatically dims in the reader. In the few days I’ve used Bloglovin’ I’m happy with the look and ease of navigating to blogs, marking blogs read, etc. If you haven’t decided how to replace Google Reader take a look at Bloglovin’. It was super easy (one click) to move the blogs I follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin’. I also downloaded the app for iPad.

You can follow my blog via email subscription or click the Bloglovin’ button – both are in the sidebar near the top.

16 thoughts on “So long, Google Reader

  1. Though not a thing I ever used I know Google Reader will be missed by lots of bloggers. Here’s hoping you find an alternative that’s just as good …. if not better.


  2. Good to know. I follow my favorites (like you!) via email so it’s not an issue, but I did use Google Reader in the past until it got to be too overwhelming because I kept adding blogs to it! lol


    • I know what you mean, Lynne. Have you decided just to post reviews on Goodreads? I noticed there haven’t been any new posts from your blog for a while.


  3. I’ve been procrastinating, I don’t like change, but I have to switch over by this weekend. I’ve decided to go with feedly plus I’ve now subscribed by email to a lot of the blogs I like to read but I can already see that is going to be unmanageable as my inbox is filling fast. Hopefully feedly will be the answer!


    • When I first heard that Google Reader would be shutting down I subscribed via email to a lot of blogs. Now that I’ve chosen a new reader I’ll unsubscribe for the very reason you mentioned. My email account explodes some days!


  4. I switched last week and I must admit that I really like Blog Lovin’ better … I like getting the summaries in my email and I can click on the links I like. Another good thing about it for us as bloggers is that when we click to read the full post, it counts as a page view, where with Google Reader it didn’t.


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