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Book arrivals:

more than you know - rossiter  Manually Released

Last week on Bookfan:

Books I read last week:

  • Another Year at 32 September Way by Mary Ylisela
  • Conversations With the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer


Our magnolia tree “jiffy popped” on a warm day last week.



Happy reading!

27 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Mary, I can’t wait to get my hands of The Newcomer..And like you I am so happy to see our Magnolia tree in bloom as well as all the tulips popping open outside my kitchen window.. Spring is really here now.. Thanks god..


  2. I just received a copy of More than You Know…love that cover and Nan’s writing style. Your magnolia tree is gorgeous! We had two and they both died and I gave up trying. I was sad as I love them!


  3. Loving your photos of spring blooms, and the magnolia tree is beautiful. Hope The Newcomer is good. My friend Karen reviewed The Wanderer on my blog, will have to check if she’d like to read book 2. Have a wonderful week and happy reading 🙂


  4. HOPE YOU HAVE EVEN MORE BLOSSOMS OPEN ON THAT MAGNOLIA! Our dogwood tree has just started to open coral blossoms, but too few…


  5. Hi Mary,

    I like the sound of the Nan Rossiter book, although she is a new author to me. Family sagas are always intriguing and if well written, can make for engrossing reading. This is a definite for my shelves.

    Everything is so far behind this year, however the Magnolia trees have also just started to bloom here in the UK as well. It seems so strange to see both spring and summer plants vying for the same space, now that we finally have some warm sunshine on offer.

    Enjoy your books and the beautiful magnolia flowers and have a great week,



  6. Oh, I want Robyn Carrs’s new book!!

    I love the cover of More than You Know. I would frame that one!! I love the beach!


  7. Beautiful tree – finally Spring! I am looking forward to checking in on the Thunder Point crew with the Newcomer too!


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