Treadmill Reads: A Year at 32 September Way by Mary Ylisela

32 September

Synopsis (publisher):  What happens when five people from three different countries move to the same apartment building in Italy for one year? One thing’s for sure–their lives will never be the same. Meet Carlisle, Nicolette, Josh, Charles, Eva and their landlord Senor Benedetto as they spend a year at 32 September Way. Whether they hope to find something in Verona or wish to leave something behind, the City of Love manages to change each one of them in ways they never expected.

My take:  I read this novel with a group of online friends. It’s a fast read and I enjoyed it. The author developed the characters just enough to make them interesting and somewhat relatable. 

The setting was great. 32 September Way is a charming 4-apartment house in Verona, Italy. Mary Ylisela’s detailed descriptions of the house and surrounding neighborhood really brought the novel to life. I found it easy to visualize it all.

As I read, I wondered if I could ever live in another country for a year without knowing anyone (no family, no friends) before I arrived. My favorite character did just that which made her and the book that much more interesting. I liked how the author brought each one  of the characters through their challenges and ended on a hopeful note. After I finished reading the book I found out there’s a sequel. I will definitely read it!

  • Title:  A Year at 32 September Way
  • Author:  Mary Ylisela
  • Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
  • Published:  November 2012 – CreateSpace; Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Source:  I bought it.

15 thoughts on “Treadmill Reads: A Year at 32 September Way by Mary Ylisela

  1. I often wished I had been more adventurous in my youth to move to another country…But it took me 45yrs to move to another city an hour away from where I was born… Sounds like a good book Mary.. thanks for the recommendation.


  2. I would love to move to some exotic locale for awhile, and this books sounds like the perfect escapist read. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and that you will read the sequel. The mark of a good book, I think!!


  3. What a beautiful cover and what an interesting concept! I will have to go search this one out! Great review! (And yes, I could totally do a year away in somewhere exotic but safe! Like Dublin or somewhere in England!)


  4. Way back in the day when I was much more daring I think I would’ve went to a foreign country and lived in a building like that without having to know anyone. I was an exchange student in Japan and really loved it!! I have to get this one read 😉 I’ve been naughty!


  5. What a gorgeous cover Mary. I could live away from family within a 2-3 hour driving distance or so, but that would be the max for me. I don’t need to be with family all of the time, just close enough.


  6. I liked this book as well Mary and plan to read the sequel. I may have been more adventurous in my younger years but I think it would be fun to live in Europe even for a month. The language would be an issue so I would choose a country like Ireland, England….in my dreams!

    **The author is offering this book free on kindle until 4/14 so others can get it free!


  7. I am a a sucker for all things Italy and have tried to convince my hubby that we should a house there or b.move there for a while. Must add this to my wish list.


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