Treadmill Reads: Lucky Bang by Deborah Coonts

lucky bang

Synopsis (publisher):  Having a blast on the 4th of July in Vegas takes on a whole new meaning for Lucky O’Toole, head of customer relations for the Babylon, a major Strip property, when she discovers a bomb in a friend’s restaurant and narrowly escapes becoming part of the “explosive entertainment.” And this wasn’t the first time. Years ago, when Lucky was small, she’d had another narrow escape. Could the two be related? Missing dynamite, an old grudge, and whispers from the past, force Lucky to delve into dark secrets best left alone. And when her father disappears, things become personal.

My take:  What a fun read! Deborah Coonts offers fans of the Lucky O’Toole series a novella that starts with a bang and doesn’t let up until you’ve turned the last page. It’s enough to hold me over until the next novel in the series is published. Loved it! Can’t wait to see where things go with Lucky and her growing list of admirers. This series has become an auto-buy/read for me. Lucky Bang could be a stand-alone but I recommend reading the series in order. 

  • Title:  Lucky Bang – A Lucky O’Toole Original Novella
  • Author:  Deborah Coonts
  • Genre:  Romantic Suspense
  • Publisher:  June 2012 – Deborah Coonts
  • Source:  I bought it

10 thoughts on “Treadmill Reads: Lucky Bang by Deborah Coonts

  1. I always think its a sign of a good writer when a story begins on a bang and manages to maintain this throughout. Sounds like a fun read, thanks for the recommendation.


  2. I like this series too. Perfect for when I need a light, entertaining read. I have this one but haven’t read it yet. I was waiting for a sunny afternoon out on the deck but the way the weather is going I’ll be waiting a long time!


    • I think you’re right, it will be a while – but it will be a perfect book for that sunny day when it gets here 🙂


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