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In these days of Debt Ceilings, Fiscal Cliffs, Underwater Mortgages I find myself feeling anxious – not about those phrases as they apply to my personal life. No, I feel anxious because I can delete a word from each phrase and substitute Book:

Book Ceiling

Book Cliff

Underwater Books

See where I’m going with this?

I have a few more review requests to honor and then 2013 will become

The Year I Read My Own BooksΒ (did you hear the echo?)

I really mean it this time πŸ˜€

I have bookcases of unread books that I’ve bought over the years and they weigh on my mind. A lot. I won’t even tell you how many books are on my reader.

I’ll still blog about the books I read so I hope you’ll continue to visit.

Last week:

Review of Chance of a LifetimeΒ by Jodi Thomas

34 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. Oh no, Book Stress! I’m laughing at this because I have the same problem. I keep buying books plus I usually have a review book or two a month. And now the books are escaping from my office and piling up in other parts of the house. It can get out of control.


    • I really need to buy some more bookshelves and set them up to hold all of my TBR books. I’m sure I could fill 2-3 sets. I think seeing them shelved would help instead of thinking about them in various boxes.


  2. I totally understand and an trying to do the same. I am also donating a lot of old review books I’ll never read, and plan to say “no thanks” more often to requests. I love the feeling of just picking a book from by shelves without a reason why I should.

    Happy Reading.


    • I’m sure many of my books will go into the donate box instead of on the TBR shelves. There are some I’m just not interested in reading at this point. I’ll donate them to the library sale.


  3. I’m finding it really exciting to not have review books hanging over my head. I actually put 5 books on hold at the library because now I’ll have the time to read them. You’re one of my very favorite bloggers so of course I’ll still visit. See ‘ya in BP, too!


  4. Only me Petty Witter but with a different name. I don’t know how or why but my blog has changed to google+, my blog profile has disappeared and I’m unable to sign in as Petty Witter which is causing some confusion. Anyone else having similar issues?

    Anyway, Good on you, the need to read and review books for publishers and authors etc can become overbearing.


      • I’m glad the sign-in issue resolved itself! I commented on your post today but in my other email ID (Mary Beth). I didn’t have time to delete and repost. Just wanted you to know πŸ˜‰


  5. I can relate Mary, I have stacks of books to read. I have books in drawers to read too.. And then there are the ones on my Kindle to read to.. I will never, ever, run out of books to read…But it gives me such great pleasure to buy books.. I always say it is my one true addiction… And so far they have not found a cure….


    • Kathleen, I always get that happy feeling when I buy a book so I know what you mean. I hope my eyesight holds out for me to read all of my books, lol.


  6. That’s fantastic! I hope you have a lot of fun reading your books!

    I tried committing to doing that a few years in a row and finally gave up. I find that I do really well for a few months, then get the urge to read and review new books again. So for me I’ve changed my habits to adapt to that, and for the past two years I have set aside a few months just to read my own books. It’s been working out very well for me, and I’ve also noticed that I usually take more time off from blogging during those months too which in turn energizes me.


  7. Oh, I so know where you’re coming from. I’m trying to get there, too, but I still have alot of reviews to do and some blog tours coming up. I have a feeling I won’t really be free, but if I at least cut back, I’ll be happy πŸ™‚


    • I know, right? I’ve tried it a few years in a row but this year I feel confident that I’ll be successful. I’m actually looking forward to doing an end-of-year update post πŸ˜€


  8. Well as you know I’m in the same boat. I am planning on going through my shelves as so many of the books on them are also on my kindle now but I’d love to get to some of my own books that are overflowing my basement too. Lol.


  9. This is definitely one of my goals too. I say that all the time – I will only read the books in the house – and then I get some enticing email with a review offer… Sigh. Good luck!


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