Sunday Post

Happy December! How is it possible that we’ve reached the final month of 2012?

I was thinking this week about how my blogging has evolved since 2008.It seems lately I’ve managed to write a Sunday Post, a Mailbox Monday meme and one review – that’s it. Last week I posted a review for The Garden of Happy Endings by Barbara O’Neal. Really liked it. I’m a fan of Barbara O’Neal’s novels.

In other news…

photo-6We put up (assembled really – its been years since we bought a cut tree) the Christmas tree. It’s pre-lit and, judging from the photo, it looks its age and maybe like it needs a few new lights. Our daughter will come over Monday evening for dinner and to help with the ornaments (they’re in the red boxes). I still need to buy a wreath for the front door. That will be a wonderfully aromatic made-from-real-greens wreath.

What about you? Has your blogging changed much over the years?

Can you believe it’s December??