Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase

Title:  Scandal Wears Satin (The Dressmakers #2)

Author:  Loretta Chase

Genre:  Historical Romance

Published:  June 2012 – Avon

My take:  Sophy Noirot runs the PR side of the Noirot sisters’ dressmaking business. She makes sure that the society column in the morning paper includes detailed descriptions of the dresses that come from their shop. They are still the new shop in town and must gain more business in order to survive. Their most important customer has just fled town after deciding she didn’t want to marry the man who’d compromised her. That means a lot of lost orders for the dressmakers but it could also mean the loss of a friend.

Sophy hatches a plan to find Lady Clara and help her save face while avoiding marriage to the cad. She’ll need help carrying out the plan and finds the best person to help is Lady Clara’s brother Lord Longmore. What she didn’t count on was the instant attraction to Longmore. Conveniently he feels the same about Sophy.
The strength of this second book in the dressmakers series lies in the give and take between Longmore and Sophy. They are on an even playing field when it comes to understanding each other. Longmore’s self-deprecating humor when talking to Sophy was endearing and made me laugh. Sophy is a truly decent and mostly innocent young woman who only wants what’s best for Longmore’s sister as well as what’s best for her sisters’ business.
The characters shine in Scandal Wears Satin.  As in the first book I enjoyed the dress descriptions. I look forward to seeing what Loretta Chase comes up with next in the series. Recommended to fans of Historical Romance and the Dressmakers series.

Source:  Avon via Edelweiss

Disclosure:  See sidebar. I was not compensated for my review.

10 thoughts on “Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase

  1. i also haven’t read a book by loretta chase. i’ve always skipped by her books… i always thought her books are more like julia quinn’s and i prefer the heavier emotional historicals (like meredith duran or jennifer ashley). are her books similar julia quinn’s or am i wrong?


    • I’m probably the wrong one to ask because I’ve only read one by Julia Quinn and 2 or 3 by Loretta Chase – but I can direct you to Dear Author blog. This book was reviewed there in the past few days. Read the comments too because you’ll get a feel for what LC fans love about her books!


  2. I’ve always bee a bit fascinated by how intricate those dresses were and how they were made. I will have to look for this series at my library!


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