The Cottage At Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri

Title:  The Cottage At Glass Beach

Author:  Heather Barbieri

Genre:  Fiction

Published:  May 2012 – Harper

About:  Wanting to flee the humiliating mess brought on by her husband’s infidelity Nora Keane goes home with her two daughters to Burke’s Island, Maine after receiving an invitation from an aunt.

My take:  I loved the setting, Nora, her daughters, and the people of Burke’s Island. I also loved the fairytale-like tone of the novel – even though I wish that aspect had been developed a bit more. In going home Nora is able to discover things about her past as well as come to know her aunt. She also finds that some people on the island aren’t thrilled by her visit. Add some family secrets and a mysterious character or two to the mix and you’ve got an intriguing novel.

I appreciated how the author showed how the two daughters worked through/expressed their feelings about their parents’ separation. And Nora needed to figure out what to do now that papers had been filed. She truly seemed adrift – which all seemed like an honest portrayal of a woman and her daughters – given their situation.

I’ve had some time to think about The Cottage at Glass Beach since I finished reading it. At first I wasn’t sure I liked the vague ending but after some reflection I decided it’s true to life. Much of our future is uncertain but we can continue to focus on what matters most.

Source:  Harper

Disclosure:  See sidebar. I was not compensated for my review.

15 thoughts on “The Cottage At Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri

  1. Sounds good to me – I saw your rating on Good reads. I loved her Lace Makers of Glenmarra (sp?). I like your explanation of the “vague ending”


  2. I really enjoyed the Irish folklore in this one and the situation seemed real to me with the daughters and the mother after the scandal, etc.


  3. I understand about thinking what to write in a review. Sometimes I wait before writing a review if I’m not sure about it and my feelings become clearer as I contemplate what I want to say.


  4. I have this book on my tbr shelf.. I just renewed it from the library this morning.. I am going to start it as soon as I finish the book I am currentely reading..


  5. I’m glad to liked this one too Mary. I really enjoy this author’s stories. Like you I wish it had been more to the fairy tale side of things too – all the folklore and such was really intriguing to me. As for the ending I’m still not completely sure how I feel about it. It was ok and made sense to me, I think I would have liked just a bit more resolution. I’ll be watching for her next book!


  6. I think this is the sign of a good book, when one is able to continue to reflect upon it’s feeling long after it’s been read. Thank you for an excellent review.


  7. I always love your reviews, especially the closing sentences. You’re so right about the unknown of our futures. This sounds like a book I could really get into reading!


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