Good Enough To Eat by Stacey Ballis

TItle:  Good Enough To Eat

Author:  Stacey Ballis

Genre:  Fiction

Published:  September 2010 – Berkley

My take:  Melanie lost half her body weight and then lost her husband – to her best friend who is twice Mel’s new size.  Mel already had a new business in the works so when the divorce was final she used her settlement to buy a condo and moved on with her life. She’d been a lawyer but now used her new healthy lifestyle as the basis for her business – Dining By Design – a healthy food take-away store.

The employees of Dining By Design are more than coworkers to Melanie. They’ve all had their own struggles in life and offer  each other unconditional support. I truly enjoyed each character and the depth they added to the novel.

Melanie knew she needed to work through her trust issues – especially with men. She found a chance to do that with a handsome filmmaker.  She also had Carey, a diet/nutrition coach who guided her along the way. Everyone should have a Carey – she really helped Melanie maintain balance in her life .

I really liked this novel. I could relate to Mel’s food issues and I liked the Chicago setting. I think fans of chick lit will enjoy Good Enough to Eat. A treat for readers: recipes!

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14 thoughts on “Good Enough To Eat by Stacey Ballis

  1. It seems to be increasingly popular for recipes to be added to books, an idea I’m still not sure about. Anyway, this sounds like a good read and I’m glad to see someone writing about a women who having lost a lot of weight does not find all her dreams come true.


  2. This book sounds like a great read.. and I think it is somthing we woman struggle with everyday… our weight. So having recipes to help us to do in a good book is a bonus..


  3. I think I could really enjoy this book, and find the issues that the character struggles with compelling. I would probably love this one, so I will be interested in checking it out. Great review!


  4. It does seem ironic that the husband left her for her “heftier” friend. This sounds like a winner!


  5. Interesting — and yes, many women can definitely relate to the aspects of weight loss and struggle! I have a hunch I would like this one.


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