Sunday Post #14

Things have been quiet at Bookfan lately because my husband and I are in Maine visiting our new grandson. Jack was born May 10th – a few weeks earlier than expected. Although he’s tiny he’s also perfectly healthy. We’ll be here for a few more days. I’m so glad we were able to spend this time with Jack and his parents.


Jack and his mom (our daughter)

Jack and his parents

32 thoughts on “Sunday Post #14

  1. What a sweet baby boy! Congratulations, Mary and well done to mom and dad! I had a tiny premie baby boy, and now’s he’s 6’4″ and can eat us out of house and home! 🙂


  2. Oh, Mary . . . . thank you so much for posting Jack’s photo with his beaming parents. He is just so precious!!!!


  3. Jack is so so cute! I want to hold him! Love the beaming smiles from the new mom and dad too!


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