Once Upon a List by Robin Gold

Title:  Once Upon a List

Author:  Robin Gold

Genre:  Contemporary Fiction

Published:  May 2012 – Avon Impulse

My take:  The rug was pulled out from under Clara Black’s life. She was set to marry the love of her life but ten days before the wedding a tragic car crash changed everything. Months later Clara’s mother convinced her to spend Thanksgiving at the family home in Chicago.

When she arrived home her mother gave her a package that arrived several weeks earlier. Turns out it was a time-capsule that Clara made when she was in the fifth grade and sent by the teacher 24 years later. Among the items in the package was a list of goals young Clara hoped to accomplish before she turned 35. Clara started to concentrate on crossing goals off the list – she had less than a year before her 35th birthday and there were about 20 items on the list.

Robin Gold’s novel is the story of how one woman starts to reclaim her life. It may not be the life Clara thought she’d have but she learns that things can be good again. I loved how her list served as a springboard for getting back into life. Little by little she starts to feel better about things, people, the future. As she focuses on her list she learns that it’s not always easy to meet a goal but it’s almost always worth the effort.

I love a book that leaves me with a warm feeling and that’s what Once Upon a List did.

Source:  Avon Impulse

Disclosure:  See sidebar. I was not compensated for my review.