Sunday Post #13

After a week off the Sunday Post is back. I wish I could say I’ve been reading a lot of books but I finished only one  in the past week. I’m in the middle of two and hope to finish both soon. The book I finished is Once Upon a List by Robin Gold. The review will post in a couple of weeks. It’s the second Avon Impulse title I’ve read and I think that will be a go-to imprint when I’m in the mood for a fun read. The first was Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman by JB Lynn.

Currently reading:

More Than You Know by Penny Vincenzi

An Impartial Witness by Charles Todd

I’ll leave you with a photo of granddaughter Grace. She spent about a minute looking at a book she pulled out of her toy basket. I think that’s a long time for a 9 month old 🙂

15 thoughts on “Sunday Post #13

  1. Grace is adorable! Looks like your off to a good ‘reading’ start with her! My granddaughter loved books when she was wee but now at 8 she would rather be on the computer. I give her .50 a book to keep her reading. At school they have their reading assignments on the computer to read, very interesting! Grandson is 4 and still loves the books, maybe he will be my reader!


    • Hi Peggy,

      My nieces and nephews were just the same. From a very young age, they all enjoyed their books and a trip to the children’s section of the bookshop, was a treat they all looked forward to.

      Snce their early teens, things have changed for all of them and now I can’t think of a time when I ever see one of them with a book or e-reader in their hands. They are all in agreement that there is no point to reading a book and they all have much more interesting hobbies to keep them occupied …. usually involving the PC and their social networking groups …. I know which I find more interesting!!


  2. Hi Mary,

    Grace is certainly a cutie and obviously enjoying those bright and colouful images.

    The secret is to keep her interested in books for as long as possible, those precious times are oh! so short.

    I hope that you are enjoying the ‘Charles Todd’ book, I am eagerly awaiting your review of this one, although I have already definitely made up my mind to read it.


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