Sunday Post #12

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. We’re having family over for dinner this afternoon. As promised last week, here are a few pics of Grace. I’m calling her Flash this week. She’s fast  – look, she’s even wearing track pants 🙂

Last week on Bookfan:

My review of Just Down The Road by Jodi Thomas

I changed my blog header photo to one I snapped of the river while on a walk a few days ago. The forsythia is so bright in contrast to the bare trees and the water. It’s fun to watch nature wake up in spring and I appreciate living in an area where I can watch the river change with the seasons. Have a great week!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Post #12

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Mary. Grace is soooooo adorable! Thanks for posting the photos.


  2. What a cutie, soon she’ll be running and you will be chasing her!

    The forsythia here were beautiful too. We are about a month ahead on all our flowering shrubs and trees.


  3. Happy Easter to you and yours, Mary! I hope you enjoy a lovely dinner together. Grace is a cutie!


  4. Awwww, she’s so sweet! It looks like she has a nice long hall to really pick up speed too. Lol. Love your header picture. You’re so lucky to live in an area that’s so pretty to walk through. Mine is pretty boring.


    • Thanks, Diane. Grace is 9 months – this first year flies by so quickly given all the changes babies go through. It’s really amazing and something I didn’t have time to notice as much with Grace’s dad!


  5. She’s so cute and I love her nickname!! LOL!!
    That header is gorgeous…what a fantastic photo!


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