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I’m pleased to welcome author Jodi Thomas today. She’s here to tell us about the newest book in the Harmony series.

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JUST DOWN THE ROAD is my 34th novel and I believe one of the best I’ve ever written.  Whenever I write I always think about the kind of story I love to read.  I want to laugh and cry and fall in love.  I want to care.  I want to stay with the story longer than planned because I just have to know what happens next.  I think, as you read JUST DOWN THE ROAD that I will take you on that journey.  You’re going to love my people, not because they’re rich or famous, or powerful, but because they’re kind.  They’re trying to survive in a world where doing what is right matters.

Whenever I begin to plot I like to mix my stories together so that one plot forms out of the life of several people.  In JUST DOWN THE ROAD I have the beginnings of young, first time, love and the sweet love of two people who thought they were destined to live their lives alone.  In the opening I introduce two people who are running, one from life and the other toward it.  One, because of fear, thinks she’s never lived and the other feels his life is over.  They are not a couple anyone would put together but as they grow to love each other.  Tinch and Addison realize they’re a perfect match.  And, for a man just learning to live again, Tinch has to also realize that there are some things in life worth risking his life for.

I’m never sure what to say when people ask me what I do for a living.  I daydream.  I play.  I imagine.  I create.  I scrub the rough worlds clean.  I’m not a writer for a living, I’m simply a writer.

In JUST DOWN THE ROAD all my work and skill and that spark of talent seemed to come together.  The people I created breathed.  I’m very proud of this book and I hope it makes you laugh, and cry and fall in love with the people who live in Harmony.

Enjoy the story, 

Jodi Thomas

Thanks for visiting today, Jodi. The Harmony series is one of my favorites so I can’t wait to read Just Down The Road. I hope readers will take a few minutes to watch the trailer:

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18 thoughts on “Guest post: Jodi Thomas

  1. I’ve been aware of Jodi as a Texas author. I’m not sure I realized where in Texas she lived, but I know the Texas Panhandle very well. This is a series that I need to read and thanks for reminding me about it. Love the hats on the wall of her office.


  2. This is a new series too me, it sounds wonderful. Thanks for letting me know about theses books, I am looking forward to reading one of them soon!


    • I agree, Julie. She’s a fantastic storyteller. I’ve read a few of the stand alone novels and then the Harmony series.


  3. Wow, 34 novels – that’s amazing. This series sounds wonderful. I like when she says… .  I daydream.  I play.  I imagine.  I create. What a wonderful way to live.


  4. I so enjoyed your guest post today. I am going to buy the first book in the Harmony series on my Kindle!!! I can’t wait to experience this author and she just comes across as a wonderful person!! 😀


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