Sunday Post #5

Happy February, everyone. The groundhog didn’t see his shadow in my neighborhood so I guess that means winter is almost over, right? Ok, I won’t get the patio furniture out of the storage shed quite yet 🙂

In other news: I finally did it! I finished reading War & Peace last week after deciding to power through the final 100 pages. Whew!

My brief take: I found it interesting that it was more a philosophical study of various aspects of war and human nature than an actual historical novel. Didn’t expect that. For a more in-depth and entertaining review I suggest reading Matt’s review over at Goodreads – especially if you’ve read W&P.

I was happy to finally mark it ‘read’ and want to thank Jillian for organizing the readalong. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have attempted it without seeing her blog post back in December, 2010.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Post #5

  1. I read War and Peace so long ago that I barely remember it! I have it marked as a reread…but who knows when that might be?

    Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Salon, and enjoy whatever you pick next.


  2. I wasn’t required to read War and Peace in high school or college. It looks daunting to me, so I continue to shy away from it.

    I’m happy it’s been a mild winter. I hope in March and April, winter doesn’t decide to make its appearance!


  3. The groundhog we follow did see his shadow but if the next six weeks are the same as the weather we’ve been having it won’t matter.

    I’m so impressed that you finished War and Peace! Congrats!


  4. Congratulations. You can now claim to have done what few have accomplished. It’s a great book, just dauntingly long to read.

    We have had an unusually mild winter in NE PA, no snow on the ground at the moment. Everyone except winter sports enthusiasts is quite happy with this state of affairs.


  5. Yes I agree, I won’t be dragging out my garden tools yet either, although I did go out and rake up a mess the squirrels left me with yesterday. Bravo, finishing WAR and PEACE. You do have stick to it ness. I’m sure that’s not a word. Happy Sunday.


  6. Nice job finishing War and Peace. I haven’t even tried to tackle that one.

    I think a few Chicago groundhogs saw their shadows but I’m hoping for continued mild weather. Some of my daffodils are poking their leaves up already and I keep dumping mulch on them.


    • Leslie, it didn’t even occur to me to check for early flowers. I just did and nothing so far but I’ll keep a look out now and cover them.


  7. I started reading this one last year and then missed a few weeks and felt so behind that I just stopped reading it. Kaye@The Road Goes Ever On.. posted about it every Thursday for the full year and I LOVED reading them. I decided that if I try to read it again I will certainly use her posts to make sure that I did actually understand what I read 😀 Great job for seeing it through!!


  8. I know I’m late to the party, but Woo Hoo!!! I’m so glad that you took it on AND finished it. And thank you for the email, I’m guessing I haven’t responded since I’m months behind there too!


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