2011 Challenge Wrap Up

Each year I’ve participated in few challenges. In 2011 I signed on to:

The 2011 Reading From My Shelves Project

The Reagan Arthur Books Challenge

The War & Peace Read Along

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So these were very relaxed challenges.If you click on The Reagan Arthur Challenge link above you’ll see I read only two books this year. One was sent to me by the publisher and the other I bought. I enjoyed both books.

*  *  *

The War & Peace Challenge was supposed to end today but several weeks ago I received an email saying it would be extended to mid-2012. That’s all I needed to hear! Since I’m on page 1061 of 1215 I hope to finish it well before June.

*  *  *

Now lets talk about the 2011 Reading From My Shelves Project. I’ve joined the past couple of years and was content with the 20+ books I cleared off my shelves each year. Silly me. I think for every book I cleared off the shelves four more appeared. How does that happen?!! That is the reason I’ve decided to make 2012 the year of reading mostly from my shelves. I’ll read a few review books but only books I really, really want to read.

That’s my plan. Thank you so much for visiting Bookfan this year. I love your comments and book suggestions, etc.

I wish you all a New Year filled with good health, good friends, and good books to read.

Happy New Year!

16 thoughts on “2011 Challenge Wrap Up

  1. I should take your example and read mostly from my shelves. I’ve found the same thing – read a book I already have and two more show up to take its place. Very frustrating and yet I love seeing all those books I have to read, such pleasure ahead. I think this will always be a problem for me.


  2. You and I are on the same wavelength! In 2012 I’m going to try and put a dent into all the books on my shelves before buying any more. I have a huge back-up and my TBR list will just have to wait!

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Mary!


  3. Nice job in reading your own books and yeah, somehow I keep adding more than I’m reading too.

    I’m going to be reading from my shelves next year too. I joined the TBR pile challenge plus I’m choosing books already on my shelves for the Dystopia challenge. I did the Reagan Arthur Challenge in 2011 too. I like the no-stress aspect and chose two books.


  4. you’re doing well with W&P – 2/3 of the way there! 🙂 2012 definitely is the year to tackle the unread “haves”. I could read for 2 years alone with all the freebies and classics on my e readers.

    A most happy New Year to you and your family, Mary. It’s been a wonderful year in books.

    As for the bird book, I think it said east of the Rockies.


  5. Happy New Year to you Marry! You have had a big year —and while 2011 seems to have been a bad blogger year for me, especially in the area of leaving comments, I do wan to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and how sweet you are. I would love to meet you in real life!

    I too am making an effort to read more from my own shelves–fully knowing that brighter and shinier books are bound to make it into my house at times. I have joined a few challenges, but nothing like the 28 or so that I did a few years ago. These ones are pretty easy and flow naturally from the act of reading.


  6. It’s smart to be picky about challenges since they can become overwhelming. Looking good to finish W&P soon. It’ll feel like such an accomplishent when you finish 🙂


  7. Lol! I’m the same Mary. I got rid of a bunch of books but I’m pretty sure I’ve bought that many more into the house and that doesn’t even take into account what’s on the Kindle. I’d really love to tackle some of my own this year too.


  8. I’m planning on making 2012 a year of reading from my shelves, too. In fact, I even picked challenges that would help me in this. Hopefully I will make a big dent this year in those books!

    Happy New Year!!!


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