You Don’t Sweat Much For A Fat Girl by Celia Rivenbark

Title:  You Don’t Sweat Much For A Fat Girl

Author:  Celia Rivenbark

Genre:  Humor/Essays

Published:  August 2011 – St. Martin’s Griffin

My take:  If you like snarky and humorous essays with a southern perspective you’ll want to read this collection. It made me laugh – a lot.

From the one about Where will all those Chinese boys find wives when they’re ready to marry? to What if the Cash Cab joins the expected fleet of space taxis taking fares to some planet? – I enjoyed the giggle-fest.

Each essay starts with a kernel of wisdom and explodes into wacky hilarity. Having raised two daughters I loved the final essay: Teen Angel. It’s about raising teens in the texting/facebook era. Funny (and scary and true) stuff.

Source:  Publisher via Goodreads First Reads

23 thoughts on “You Don’t Sweat Much For A Fat Girl by Celia Rivenbark

  1. I am a little turned off by the title, but have heard that the book is great. Maybe the perfect thing for when I need to read something light. Great review!


  2. I’m with Zibilee, the title rubbed me the wrong way. But since I’ve had some good laughs reading Rivenbark’s previous books, I might give this one a try.


    • This is the first time I’ve read CR. I’m guessing you know what to expect if you’ve read her essays before. I agree on the title, but it did get my attention.


  3. Yeah, I’m not too find of the title much either but I’m not one for short stories either so this is likely one I’d pass on but I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  4. I like my humor on the snarky side, so I might give this one a try. It’s probably not something that I would have picked up on my own given the title, but your review has made me curious 🙂


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