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Today I’m pleased to welcome author Jodi Thomas. I’ve enjoyed her Harmony series so I’m anxious to read the latest installment: The Comforts of Home (on sale Nov. 1st).  So, without further ado, here’s Jodi!

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As fall settles in around the Panhandle of Texas, I’m getting excited about THE COMFORTS OF HOME coming out Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011. My favorite time of year is fall with the cool nights and sometimes rainy days. The perfect weather to curl up with a book.

When the people of Harmony began to sit down and tell me their story (in my head) I found one quiet woman fascinating from the first. At a time in her life when she was young and should have been going out on dates and having a ball, she was silently  working at the post office without one person she called friend. The story whirls around with people falling in love, breaking up and living life, but in the corner of my mind, Ronelle Logan waited for her story.

People in general frightened her. One by one they were terrifying.  Chapter 2, The Comforts of Home

In the opening of THE COMFORTS OF HOME she is about to meet a man who will petrify her at first and awaken her to life as they talk.

I love writing and plan to do it as long as stories come. Writing is hard work and I often think the story will never be as bright as it is in my mind. Then I remember that someone asked Mark Twain about his wonderful stories and he said “You should have seen it in my head.”

So, order, or borrow, or download my story, cuddle up in your favorite chair and come along with me on a journey that will make you feel at home in Harmony.

Jodi Thomas

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Jodi ThomasJodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of 34 novels and 11 short story collections. In June 2011, WELCOME TO HARMONY won a RITA, the highest award for contemporary fiction. Jodi currently serves as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.
Thanks for visiting, Jodi. My review of THE COMFORTS OF HOME will post November 2. I hope everyone will come back to see what I think.  
There will be a giveaway!

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jodi Thomas – The Comforts Of Home

  1. This does sound like a really excellent book, and like one that I would love to check out. This guest post was wonderful as well. Thanks for sharing it!


  2. How do I not know about this series? Is it set in the Panhandle of Texas? And the author lives in Canyon? Been there many, many times. My parents were from the Panhandle and both my grandmothers lived there. Not far from this author’s home. So, off to see what I can discover about Jodi Thomas and her series. Thanks for clueing me in, Mary!


    • Kay, I recommend this series. The first book is Welcome to Harmony. I love how Jodi Thomas writes about this small town and the people who live there.


    • Stacy, I went months without opening a book when my kids were babes. I wish I’d had books like Jodi’s Harmony series to take me away back then 🙂


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