The Gin & Chowder Club by Nan Rossiter

Title:  The Gin & Chowder Club

Author:  Nan Rossiter

Genre:  Fiction

Published:  June 2011 – Kensington

About:  (Back of the book) The friendship between the Coleman and Shepherd families is as old and comfortable as the neighboring houses they occupy each summer on Cape Cod. Samuel and Sarah Coleman love those warm months by the water; the evenings spent on their porch, enjoying gin and tonics, good conversation and homemade clam chowder. Here they’ve watched their sons, Isaac and Asa, grow into fine young men, and watched, too, as Nate Shepherd, aching with grief at the loss of his first wife, finally found love again with the much younger Noelle.

But beyond the surface of these idyllic gatherings, the growing attraction between Noelle and handsome, college-bound Asa threatens to upend everything. In spite of her guilt and misgivings, Noelle is drawn into a reckless secret affair with far-reaching consequences.  And over the course of one bittersweet, unforgettable summer, Asa will learn more than he ever expected about love – the joys and heartache it awakens in us, the lengths we’ll go to keep it, and the countless ways it can change our lives forever…

My brief take:  I liked the idea of this novel. The setting is beautiful, the characters for the most part seem like normal, decent people, and two of them struggle with an epic moral situation. Nan Rossiter let it play out – and kudos to her for doing so. Given the Christian fiction tone I was kind of surprised by that. Because of the moral issues there would be a lot for book clubs to discuss.

I loved the book cover as well as the brief chapters. I read The Gin & Chowder Club in one day – I liked that I could set it down and pick it up without feeling the interruptions.

Source:  I won my copy from the author via a giveaway at Redlady’s Reading Room

18 thoughts on “The Gin & Chowder Club by Nan Rossiter

  1. It sounds like this was a very thoughtful and interesting read, and like one that would be perfect for a quiet Saturday. I am glad that you liked it and that the Christian fiction themes were done well.


  2. I love Cape Code and before I became a Vegetarian, I loved clam chowder. I would like to see how having an affair is handled in this book. Please enter me in this giveaway


  3. I have to admit, the cover caught my eye first. Found it at the airport in Hartford read it on the way to florida. I truly enjoyed the book. It was a great summer read, being a catholic, i appreciated the christian references. Not too over done.

    I have already shared the book with a friend, love to read another of Nan’s books didnt realize she was a child author. Please let me know of anything new that she publishes


  4. The cover and title of this book caught my attention. After reading your review I am much more curious about it and will definitely be on the lookout for the book. It sounds like a very good read!


  5. I will say also, i am mostly a summer reader, i enjoy books that take you away to a summer place and the book really makes you feel like your there and part of the whole experience. I Really think thats what i liked most. Trust me. It was truly enjoyable.


  6. I agree there’s nothing better than a summer read that makes the days go so much faster. You whizzed through it so it must have been to enjoy. I call dibs on those flowers – apart from books – flowers are my next best thing in life.


  7. Interesting review–while I am a Christian, I tend to steer clear of that genre because of the oh-to-common preachy tone. This one sounds different and rather appealing.


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