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My daughter (whose middle name is Irene!) lives in southern Maine near the shore – a little south of Portland.

I asked her to take some pictures on Friday.

So here are two of the calm before the storm:

I hope to have equally beautiful photos of the area to post next Saturday.

My husband and I (and many relatives and friends) will be in Maine for our daughter’s wedding next week.

I’m sending good thoughts to all in Irene’s path.

25 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – August 27

  1. Here’s hoping that Irene calms down and goes back out to see.. Need those north west winds to push her back..
    What beautiful scenes of tranquility…I wish you daughter and future Son In Law every happiness..


  2. Hi Mary,

    Following the story here in the UK, it sounds as though Irene has been downgraded somewhat, so I hope that the before and after pictures aren’t too much different.

    I hope that yourselves and all your relatives will be able to get to the wedding and that you have a lovely day.


  3. Nature’s magnificence in all its forms are breath-taking. My prayer is that your family and loved ones will be safe as the hurricane shows its terrible force.


  4. Hope all goes well for your daughter’s wedding. Good thing it isn’t this weekend! Travel is a nightmare. She and I will have the same anniversary (if she’s getting married on Sat). Hopefully, there won’t be too much damage from Irene. I’m so glad it’s been downgraded but still it make for some anxiety.


    • Kaye, in case I can’t get online next weekend – Happy Anniversary! My daughter’s wedding is on Monday – Labor Day 🙂
      It seems that Irene is losing steam so I hope the flooding is not as bad as originally predicted.


  5. Fingers crossed for Irene to be little in way of a storm. I can’t believe the wedding is finally here. Take lots of pics and kiss the wee one for me as well. Enjoy and remember to breath as you greet all those people – mother of the bride.


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