Anyone know?

I signed up for the War & Peace read-along – the one that lasts the entire year. So, I’m up to date with my reading – at page 800 in the edition I’m reading.  I thought I’d check in with the group and when I clicked the link I landed on a page that said the blog had been deleted by the owner.

Does anyone know what happened? Did the blog move? I hope Jillian is ok. I understand if she got too busy to keep up – she’s a busy student. I’m just curious.  I’ll keep reading to the end – it’s a chapter each day so it’s not hard to keep going.

Are you reading W&P with this group?


UPDATE: Thanks to Kaye I tracked down the W&P read along blog!

7 thoughts on “Anyone know?

  1. No, I am not reading with the group but I know Kaye at the road goes ever on is and every Thursday she does a big posting about W&P. She might know.


  2. Just checked back to see if you had any luck – glad to see you found Kaye’s blog – sorry I didn’t have the link for you to begin with. She does a beautiful job with her W&P posts.


  3. I’m glad you’ve got some answers to where the challenge went … and, wow! 800 pages in is VERY impressive! WAR AND PEACE is a book I’ve started 3 times (once with a reading group, hoping it would help me along), but haven’t had it grab me enough to complete it.


  4. Sadly, I fell so far behind, I had to jump ship. I am disappointed but do hope at some point to finish reading War and Peace.


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