Slim To None by Jenny Gardiner

Title:  Slim To None

Author:  Jenny Gardiner

Genre:  Chick Lit

About:  (Goodreads synopsis) Abbie Jennings is Manhattan’s top food critic until her expanding waistline makes staying incognito at restaurants impossible. Her cover blown on Page Six of the New York Post, her editor has no choice but to bench her—and suggest she use the time off to bench-press her way back to anonymity. Abbie’s life has been built around her career, and therefore around celebrating food. Forced to drop the pounds if she wants her primo gig back, Abbie must peel back the layers of her past and confront the fears that have led to her current life.

My thoughts:  Abbie Jennings is a character after my own heart. Abbie has struggled with her weight all her life. When she’s forced to address it yet again after losing her restaurant critic job she realizes eating too much might be the least of her issues.

Jenny Gardiner gives us a character to relate to and cheer for in this breezy, entertaining, and at times emotional novel. Feeling a bit like a silent partner lately, Abbie’s loving and patient husband gives her some space and time alone to work on things. On her own Abbie deals with the challenges of a dieter as she attempts to get to the core of her issues. She also tries to figure out why she’s so reluctant to have children when her husband has wanted to start a family for a while.

A side story involving a homeless man winds through Slim To None – I thought it would make a good separate novel but here it helps to bring Abbie’s story to a satisfying conclusion. Recommended.

Source:  I bought it.

18 thoughts on “Slim To None by Jenny Gardiner

  1. I’ve never read Gardiner’s work, but have “met” her on Twitter and she is fun! It sounds like this book does a good job of exploring food issues in an entertaining way.


  2. I like the premise of this one, and although I really never read chicklit, I think I might read this one. I am glad to hear that you really liked it, and you wrote a really interesting and thoughtful review. I am going to have to see if I can find this one. Thanks!


  3. I meander away from paranormal, UF, and cozies from time to time to read chick-lit, especially the humorous ones (both gently humorous and the guffaw out loud type). This looks like a definite add to the list to look for.


  4. Sounds neat! My sister-in-law is a pastry chef and says she WON’T be a statistic in that most of the folks in her industry sample their way out of their college jeans. ;O)


  5. Oh yes, she sounds like a character that I could relate to! Loved your eloquent thoughts on this one and will have to read it!!


  6. This looks good. I’m having no problem with the walking part of my plan to lose weight, but I can’t quit eating!!
    I saw your new granddaughter and she is absolutely gorgeous 🙂


  7. Been reading a lot of summer reads with Weiner and it’s the weight issues that make me empathize with her character Cannie the most. We all harbour fears about weight, it’s no wonder when we’re bombarded with super skinny “0” celebrities and models. I love food too much and will have to just eat my way into heaven.

    Adding this one to my summer reading list now.


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