A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry, Teresa Southwick

Title:  A Summer Reunion: All Our Yesterdays/All Our Todays/All Our Tomorrows

Authors:  Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry, Teresa Southwick

Genre:  Contemporary Romance Anthology

My summary:  Just over fifty years ago a couple went out to celebrate their tenth anniversary but never made it home. A truck broadsided their car killing them and leaving their three small children orphans. Peggy, Tory and Stephen were adopted separately but now, so many years later, two of the siblings have found each other again and plan a family reunion and 60th birthday party for Peggy. The party will be at Peggy’s Cape May beachfront house. Peggy is recovering from a broken foot and has a more serious health condition so this party means a lot to her.

The first story in the anthology is about the second child. Tory, a successful graphic artist/author, raised a daughter on her own who is now married and the mother of three. Tory’s daughter was curious about her father’s identity and found him through searching the internet. Tory wasn’t sure this was a good thing. After all, she’d never told him he had a daughter, much less three grandchildren. What will happen when they meet again three decades after Tory left Sam without a word.

In the second story the family discovers that Stephen died a few years earlier in a tragic accident in Australia. Stephen was a mentor to Adam and left his construction company in Adam’s capable hands. When contacted by Stephen’s sisters Adam agreed to come to the party. He planned to share photos and memories of their brother but he didn’t plan to meet Peggy’s daughter. They live on different continents so getting involved is out of the question. Or is it?

The third story is about Peggy’s son David. A serious and  buttoned-down lawyer, he has carried the guilt of a friend’s accident since they were teenagers. Kinsie is Peggy’s physical therapist and a family friend. She’s always had a crush on David but was afraid to let him know. Circumstances put them together in preparation for the big party – will she get him to loosen up and take some chances, will he get her to feel secure enough to admit her feelings?

My thoughts:  I haven’t had much luck with the few anthologies I’ve read but I was intrigued when I read about A Summer Reunion. I’m glad I gave it a try because I really enjoyed the characters, the plot, and the setting. It’s the first I’ve read by the three authors and I’ll look for more of their books.

I liked the way each short story is connected and then tied together in a satisfying epilogue. I think fans of Contemporary Romance will enjoy A Summer Reunion. It’s a heart-warming anthology and perfect for a day at the beach.

Source:  Harlequin via NetGalley

16 thoughts on “A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry, Teresa Southwick

  1. I like the idea of them all connecting. This sounds like an ideal summer read. Not too long and can be fitted in around the sunbathing.


  2. Mary I have put this book on my tbr list..I think it will be a great summer read…


  3. Thanks Mary.. I am gearing up to do some very serious summer reading. I have been very busy the last couple of months, it has been hard to concetrate while weighing through all the paper work since my mom’s passing, but now that is mostly done and I can get back to conentraing on my reading. Many, Many books to read…My tbr pile is tumbling over….Have a great summer.


  4. Thanks Mary. It was hard, but it was a blessing, she was suffering pretty badly at the end…


  5. I haven’t read an anthology ever…I don’t think 😀 This one does sound intriguing though and I like how the stories came together and left you satisfied!!


  6. Glad this one worked for you. I think I’ve only read one anthology and it was pretty good. Have a great rest of the week and happy reading.


  7. I am not a fan of anthologies, but the premise and your review make me think I’d like this one.


  8. reading your synopsis & review- I love how this anthology ties up the siblings lives together. Happy to hear this one beat your expectations and adding it my ever growing Reading list.


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