The Greatest Music Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer

 Title:  The Greatest Music Stories Never Told: 100 tales from Music History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy

Author:  Rick Beyer

Genre:  Nonfiction/Music

About:  (From the uncorrected proof) What does Marie Antoinette have to do with “He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”? Which hugely popular song was written in a fit of anger at actor Robert DeNiro? How was a musical genius of the 1600s literally killed by his own conducting? Why has one country run through eight versions of its national anthem in the last hundred years – three of them written by the same person? How did an idea for a sitcom inspire the Woodstock music festival? And why is a virtual unknown named Ivan Vaughan arguably the most important person in the history of rock ‘n’ roll?

My thoughts:   You’ll have to read the book to find the answers! This book is the latest in The Greatest Stories Never Told book series. It is filled with surprising stories about music and familiar (and not so familiar) historical figures.

Each story is told on two pages and includes pertinent sketches and photos. I learned a lot from The Greatest Music Stories Never Told and think it would be the perfect gift for any music and trivia fan.

Source:  Harper

15 thoughts on “The Greatest Music Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer

  1. I’m another one who loves music and trivia. I’m putting this one on my wish list. Did you know this author has written a series of books like this – war stories, presidential stories, science stories? They all sound like fun.


    • If the others in the series are as good as ‘Music’ I think it would be a great collection to have in the house. Thanks for stopping by, Lynne!


  2. I think this book would be a wonderful addition to our family library. We are all current or former musicians with the exception of my husband. We all love books with interesting tidbits of trivia and information. I am putting this on the wish list. Thanks for the great review!


  3. awwwww….Poor Robert DeNiro! ha haha….. I guess I’ll have to read the book to find out now.
    I love trivia and music…so I would love this book!
    Thanks for brining it to my attention.


  4. You so BAD! Now I have to get this one since the questions have me completely zapped into what the answers must be. I need to get this one for my son and a friend of mine whose a HUGE music maniac.

    Again i repeat… YOU SO BAD! ;P


  5. Wait I know the answer to “You’re so Vain”!

    It was writtten by Carly Simon about…. drum roll please…. JAMES TAYLOR! A lot of hype behind this hit some referred to it as being about Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger… but it was about JAMES TAYLOR!

    PS Mary – tell me am i right or wrong. Let me know 🙂


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