Faith: A Novel by Jennifer Haigh

Title:  Faith: A Novel

Author:  Jennifer Haigh

Genre:  Fiction

About:  (from Goodreads) When Sheila McGann sets out to redeem her disgraced brother, a once-beloved Catholic priest in suburban Boston, her quest will force her to confront cataclysmic truths about her fractured Irish-American family, her beliefs, and, ultimately, herself.

My thoughts:  I had misgivings about reading a novel about the topic Ms. Haigh tackled in Faith but it’s much more than a novel about abuse. It’s about a family and how each member handles a shocking allegation against one of their own.

Told by the sister of the accused, the story is one of discoveries about her mother, father, and brothers. Haigh explores themes of family loyalty, faith in various forms, and forgiveness.

Jennifer Haigh’s writing is what carried me through the book in a few hours. I was completely absorbed in the story and very glad that I read the book.

Recommend?  Yes. It would be a great bookclub pick – so many discussion possibilities.

Source:  Harper Books

13 thoughts on “Faith: A Novel by Jennifer Haigh

  1. I’ve just seen this one on display at the local bookstore. Arghhhh now gotta go back for my own copy.

    I blame you completely for the money I’m suppose to save being dispensed on the pleasures of reading 😉


  2. I thought this book was excellent! I hadn’t thought of it this way but you are right – the abuse scandal was almost tangential to the main story of the family and how they deal with conflict and stress.


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