Armchair BEA – Nice to meet you!

Welcome! My name is Mary and I’ve blogged about the books I read at Bookfan since 2008. I read mostly fiction but also enjoy an occasional memoir, cookbook, etc.

I would have loved to attend BEA in NYC but all three kids are moving in the next ten days (one cross-country) and my husband and I are lending a hand where needed. Also, one of the kids on the move will be getting married in a few months so our travel budget is going toward that happy event. It’s all good!

I read every day and it’s not unusual for me to be in the middle of two or three books at a time (different genres). You can find me on Twitter   so feel free to share your twitter name. I mention that because I’ve discovered some wonderful books via tweets from book bloggers. I use Twitter to stay in touch with authors, bloggers, publishers, PR folks, etc. and also to tweet links to my reviews.

I look forward to meeting other Armchair BEA bloggers this week. Thanks for visiting!