Saturday Snapshot – May 14



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When my son stopped by the house last Sunday

he asked if I’d noticed the basketball hoop lately. I said “No. Why?”

He told me to take a look.  This is what I saw:

And then I looked a little closer:

30 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot – May 14

  1. Mrs. Robin looks very cozy in there. You will be able to watch her feed the nestlings and then see them fledge from the nest. And they are so adorable when they first try to fly. Awesome to be able to watch nature close up.


  2. OOPS- I hit reply to quick… I wanted to add that when I worked at Wal-Mart, we occasionally had birds that would put the nest in the hanging baskets of flowers we would sell…. then we would take that particular basket off the sale list and hang it somewhere the mama can finish raising up the babes. 🙂


  3. I was looking at your first picture trying to figure out what was wrong with your basketball hoop…then I scrolled down! Darn birds! lol


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