Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax

Title:  Ten Beach Road

Author:  Wendy Wax

Genre:  Fiction

About:  Three women, strangers to each other, receive the news that their life savings is gone. Their trusted financial advisors invested their money in what turned out to be a Ponzi scheme and the person who stole their money is nowhere to be found. But all is not lost. The women find that each owns a third of a dilapidated beachfront mansion. They meet in Florida to rehab the place and put it on the market.

My thoughts:  Ten Beach Road is the story of how three women lose everything and against all odds hope to land on their feet emotionally, financially and with their self-respect intact.

Madeline’s nest is empty and she’s ready to enjoy life with her husband. The shocking financial news is just a drop in the bucket compared to what he tells her.

Avery, a well-known tv personality, is used to people leaving her but she’s worked hard for her money and now that she’s lost that too – well, it’s almost too much.

Nicole, a successful matchmaker, grew up in abject poverty. She and her brother vowed they’d never be poor again but she finds herself back at square one.

All three have secrets they don’t want the others to know. Some of the secrets are people who start to show up at the mansion and add a lot to the story. Situations arise that show the women at their best and worst.

Given the timely topic I thought Ten Beach Road was an interesting and entertaining look at how three people handle themselves at a time of great financial loss. As serious as that sounds, I looked forward to reading more of the book each time I picked it up. Wendy Wax tells a good story!

Recommend?  Yes, throw it in the beach bag and lather up with the sunscreen because you won’t want to stop reading.

Source:  Joan Schulhafer Publishing & Media Consulting

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13 thoughts on “Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax

  1. Noted: going to look for a beach somewhere far away… stuck in MTL rain lately. This one should be interesting to see how survival is key to life. It’s always a make it or break it when the life throws you some curved balls.


  2. I thought this book would be good after yesterday’s interview. I like stories like this where characters pick themselves up after a disaster. It sounds like the women form a good team.


  3. I can just picture myself reading this on our beach..if it ever gets warm. I love stories that include a small group of women who have something in common even though they are very different. This will be a must read for me this summer. Great review.


  4. I loved your thoughts on this one and especially where to read it!! sounds great and I want to pick it up for sure!! 😀


  5. I read Magnolia Wednesdays by this author and really liked it – it was very readable. I have Ten Beach Road and am looking forward to getting to it soon – maybe sooner now that I have read your review!


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