Mailbox Monday – March 28



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I bought:

Between The Tides by Patti Callahan Henry

The scene of a childhood tragedy that forced her family to move, Seaboro, South Carolina, is the last place Catherine Leary wants to see again. But her father’s last wish to have his ashes scattered there, and his young colleague’s desire to write an article about him, conspire against Catherine. Hoping to stop her family’s secrets from being exposed, she travels to her once-beloved Lowcountry town-and embarks on a poignant trip into the past…a journey that might lead her into a new life of love, forgiveness, and self-discovery.

What was in your mailbox?

39 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday – March 28

    • Patty, I’m glad to hear it! I’ve read a few of her novels and have really enjoyed them. I’ll probably read it in the summer.


  1. I have enjoyed other books by this author and this one looks fantastic also. Be sure to tell us all about it!


  2. Hi, mary. i saw your comment in blogspot. when i started blogging, i came through goolge for suggestion. then i updating it. other than nothing.

    also you no need to take any steps to protest, i am gonna start blog with new name and url. No problem to me.



  3. I think I may have this book in my stash somewhere. I need to dig it out. It does look like a good book for summer. Maybe it would warm me up if I read it now! It still feels like winter here.


  4. I’ve not heard of this one, though it does look interesting. I wandered into a closing Borders last week and ended up with a book of Billy Collins poetry and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell…whoops!


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