Mailbox Monday – Feb. 7


This month’s host is Library of Clean Reads

Revolution: The Year I Fell in Love and  Went to Join the War by Deb Olin Unferth.
(For review from  Jason at Henry Holt & Co.)
From the Goodreads synopsis: A new twist on the coming-of-age memoir in this eccentric and captivating story of the summer the author ran away from college to join the Sandinista revolutionaries in Nicaragua”1987 is the year I did nothing. The year I fought in no war, contributed to no cause, didn’t get shot, jailed, or injured . . . The only thing that changed as a result of our presence was us.”  …more

What was in your mailbox?

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34 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday – Feb. 7

  1. I’d not heard of this book before reading your blog today, but it sounds interesting. I’ll be waiting for your review!


  2. Revolutionists … interesting… here I thought it about CUBA but wait it’s Nicaragua.

    Hope you plunge into the anarchy of revolutionism with care. I want you back in one piece safe and sound. 🙂


    • Hi Mary!

      Popping back in.. Mary Jo Putney faves to begin with….
      Thunder and Roses and one of the best HR around… THE RAKE!

      Love these one so much. I’ve worn down my copies to nothingness… sighs… rakes are my faves.


  3. Hi Mary,

    What an intriguing synopsis! This sounds like a journey with a capitol ‘J’.

    I don’t think it is probably something that I would buy, but I await your review with interest and who knows, I may be converted.

    It’s certainly going to be an interesting and engrossing read.

    I checked out the author and note that there is also a fiction title attributed to them called ‘Vacation’, the synopsis for which is also quite esoteric.


  4. Mary congrats on your 3rd anniversary, mine is on the 11th! To answer your question, The Pillars of the Earth is one of my fave books. Have you seen the TV series they did recently it was also wonderful.


    • Thanks, Sarah! I haven’t seen the tv series yet but plan to request it from netflix. I heard it was good and I’m glad you found it so 🙂


  5. I almost requested this one but I decided I didn’t have enough time to commit to reading and reviewing it. I’m sure I’ll regret it though.


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