2010 Reading Challenges Wrap Up

First up is the 2010 Reading From My Shelves Project. The goal was to read at least 20 books from my TBR shelves.  I read 24, yay!  I’ll probably sign up for the 2011 project just to keep moving books off the shelves (I give most of them away after I read them).


Next, my Summer 2010 Challenge.  This has been a personal challenge the past two summers to move books off the shelves during the summer months (kind of a sub-challenge of the 2010 RFMSP).  I challenged myself to read eight books.  Result: five.  I’m ok with that.

I signed up for the Reagan Arthur Books Challenge which is a perpetual challenge to read as many books of this imprint that appeal to me.  So far I’ve read and enjoyed three books. I plan to continue this challenge.

The Okra Picks Challenge is a six month challenge to read the Southern books selected by SIBA to handsell: the Okra Picks.  I signed on to read 1-3 books and so far I’ve read one.  I have until March 31 to read two more.

Last but not least is the 2010 Holiday Reading Challenge.  I need to read 1-5 holiday related books.  As of Dec. 4 I’ve read one book.  So, while not great, at least I’ve met the challenge!  I hope to read at least one more book for this challenge.