Falling Home by Karen White

Title: Falling Home

Author: Karen White

Genre: Fiction

About: Cassie Madison has been living in New York for fifteen years.  When her estranged sister calls with the news that their father is dying she packs up and goes home to Walton, Georgia.

Descriptive Words: Family relationships, love, acceptance, forgiveness.

Thoughts: I loved the small town Georgia setting of Falling Home.  Karen White’s minor characters (citizens of Walton) are warm and caring.  I could envision the places and the people.  The reason I mention all that is because a subplot of the novel is the wish of a few to modernize the town. Some feel if they don’t update with national chain stores, McMansions, etc. people will leave and the town will die. The local doctor, Sam Parker, is intent on seeing that doesn’t happen.  At least, not like the proposed plan.

Cassie, her sister Harriet, and Sam were classmates while growing up.  Turns out, Sam always had a crush on Cassie.  When she returns he makes his feelings for her known.  Cassie is resistant and constantly reminds people that she is engaged to a man in New York and doesn’t intend to stay after her father’s estate is settled. She’s still upset that her sister married the boy she loved when she was in high school and really doesn’t want to stick around to see them and their five children living happily ever after.  But things don’t go as Cassie planned.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel even though through much of it I was annoyed by Cassie.  At times she seemed to be perfectly happy wallowing in her self-pity which I found tedious. But, that aside, I really liked Falling Home. The strong characters, setting, and plot come together for a satisfying novel. I’ve heard there’s a sequel in the works and I can’t wait to read it!  I think Karen White is a terrific storyteller and I’ve added the rest of her novels to my reading list.

Source: From Joy Strazza of Joan Schulhafer Publishing & Media Consulting.

Why I Chose: I’ve always meant to read one of Karen White’s novels so when an arc of her updated Falling Home arrived at my house I added it to my reading list. This book was originally published in 2002.

Recommend? Yes, I liked the family drama and the southern setting.

Rating: 4/ 5 stars

28 thoughts on “Falling Home by Karen White

  1. This sounds like a good read even with Cassie being “tedious” at times. Small southern towns just seem to have such charm and atmosphere in stories.


  2. I have this book to read and look forward to it. I like how you reviewed the book. You should definitely read On Folly Beach by Karen White. It’s a favorite of mine.


  3. Karen White has been on my list to read forever and for some reason I haven’t. Thanks for the review it reminds me to move her up on my list. I look forward to reading this one.


  4. I have never read anything by Karen. Great review…I sometimes have a hard time with main characters I get annoyed with. Side characters can annoy the heck out of me and that’s just fine 🙂


  5. I am in love with your review and can not wait to make time to read my copy!! I would love to get to it during my Thanksgiving break!!!


  6. I read the tRadd Street books and have wanted to try one of her standalones. Not sure it will be this one though…


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