Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent

Title: Believe It, Be It

Author: Ali Vincent

Genre: Memoir

About: Ali Vincent was the first female Biggest Loser winner.  This book is about her experience with the show and her life since.

Descriptive Words: Inspirational story of weight loss and other changes.

Thoughts: Ali Vincent’s book is named for the mantra she repeated each day while participating in the Biggest Loser television show.  It reinforced the message that if she wanted to reach the goal of winning the Biggest Loser title she would need to believe she could do it.  She had to believe in herself. This became one of the first steps in her journey of weight loss and life change.

Ms. Vincent shares her background story – what it was like to grow up in her family, etc.  She tells the story of the day she and her mom decided to try out for the reality weight loss show and the steps that brought them to winning their spots on the cast.  I’m a fan of the show and really enjoyed reading about the details of what goes on 24/7 at the Biggest Loser ranch:  diet and exercise as well as addressing personal issues that led to poor eating habits.  I found it interesting that the contestants prepare their own food – there are no professional chefs cooking for the cast.

Ali and her mom were sent home after the fourth week.  She continued to believe she would return to the finale with the most percentage of weight loss.  This belief motivated her to keep her new eating and exercise habits.  It’s a good thing since a few weeks later she received a call from the show’s producer saying all the contestants who’d been sent home were coming back to the ranch for a weigh-in. The female and male with the most weight loss (percentage) would stay at the ranch and continue on with the show.  Ali was the top female.

After the Biggest Loser finale episode Ali was faced with returning to her home and getting on with life.  She tells how she dealt with family, friends, and new directions in her life.  I found the tips for maintaining weight loss to be realistic and helpful.

Ms. Vincent is creating a foundation that will be “rooted in health and wellness and will help draw out and celebrate every child’s innate gifts and aspirations”.  It will be named the Believe It, Be It Foundation.

Source: Rodale Books via NetGalley

Recommend? Yes, to fans of inspirational stories and The Biggest Loser television show.

8 thoughts on “Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent

  1. I am a big fan of The Biggest Loser and remember seeing Ali win. I was ecstatic for her and rooted for her stamina to win against all odds.

    Great to hear that she has written about her experience and the positive feedback will only make me watch the show more.


    • If you’re a fan of the show I recommend this book. It was so interesting to read details about the behind the scenes happenings. And Ali’s story is so inspirational.


  2. I don’t really watch the show, but it does seem to work for a lot of people from what I can see. And I think it is good they cook for themselves … more likely to be able to do it at home (which is the key for anything like this.)

    wonderful review!


  3. I read this awhile ago and also liked the behind the scenes info Ali shared about the show. She is inspiring and her enthusiasm shines in the book.


  4. This one actually sounds like a great read. I have often wondered how much support they get while being on the show and what truly happens to them after wards!


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