She’s Gone Country by Jane Porter

She's Gone Country

When Shey Darcy’s marriage ends she takes her kids home to Texas where they’ll be surrounded by her family.  Problems don’t magically disappear with the move and she finds herself facing new issues.  Her oldest son wants to go back to New York and his old school.  Her middle son is fighting depression and her youngest wants to learn how to ride bulls.  And if all that isn’t enough she sees a lot more of Dane – the guy who used to be her crush more than twenty years earlier.

I thought Jane Porter did a good job addressing the usual concerns of a family going through divorce.  While not delving real deep she didn’t gloss over them either.  Her characters are real – they have flaws and struggles.  The supporting characters (Shey’s brothers and mother) have a lot going on in their lives as well.  Porter gives enough glimpse into each that it’s easy to understand their motivation relative to Shey.

I enjoyed the story and the pace.  It was a quick read and an entertaining novel.  This is the first book by Porter that I’ve read and I look forward to reading her backlist.  I recommend She’s Gone Country.   A reading group guide is included.

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10 thoughts on “She’s Gone Country by Jane Porter

  1. Sounds like another good read from Porter. I really enjoyed Flirting with Forty. Glad you liked it! Have a great week, Mary and happy reading.


  2. I think I read a Porter book…..just checked Goodreads…nope! I did pick up one of her books from the library but never got to it. I liked your thoughts on this one. Sounds like a good book!


  3. This looks like an add to the WWBL. I don’t always read mysteries and paranormals, this is the kind of book I meander away with. Thanks for the cranium’s up.


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