Re: Joyce. Frank Delaney’s podcast series

Bestselling author and former BBC broadcaster Frank Delaney ( is launching “Re:Joyce,” a spirited weekly podcast on James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” Each segment will feature Delaney taking a short passage from “Ulysses” and exploring its multitude of references with insight, eloquence, and passion—as well as a good dose of humor. Accessible, yet not in any way dumbed-down, the Re:Joyce podcasts will bring listeners historical and biographical information, lively interpretation, and many amusing anecdotes—all illuminated by Delaney’s love for and robust knowledge of James Joyce and “Ulysses.” The introduction podcast is live on today. Re:Joyce will launch tomorrow, on “Bloomsday,” (June 16) the day on which the entirety of “Ulysses” takes place. The 3-5 minute podcasts will be available for download at

“Ulysses is often called the world’s most famous and most irritating novel – irritating because it’s deemed so obscure and inaccessible,” says Frank Delaney. “I maintain that it’s none of those things.” Delaney’s approach is not typically academic—as he has done in so much of his broadcasting life, he takes obscure and difficult literary subjects and breaks them open by treating them entertainingly.

Delaney’s first book was “James Joyce’s Odyssey: a Guide to the Dublin of Ulysses” (Little Brown, 1981). Aimed at people who had never managed to finish reading “Ulysses,” it was an instant bestseller. In 1982, Delaney did a series of one-man performances derived from “Ulysses” at multiple venues in the UK, including several at the National Theatre in London under the title, “ReJoyce.” In 1982 also (Joyce’s centenary year) he wrote and presented the BBC Omnibus documentary on James Joyce.

(courtesy: Leah Paulos)