Waiting On Wednesday – May 12

Secret Keepers

May 25th 2010 by Picador

At age seventy-two, Emma Hanley plans to escape small-town Palmetto, South Carolina, and travel the globe. But when her fickle husband dies in undignified circumstances, Emma finds herself juggling the needs of her adult children. Her once free-spirited daughter Dora turns to compulsive shopping and a controlling husband to forget her wayward past. Her son Bobby still lives with her, afflicted with an illness that robbed him of his childhood promise.

When Dora’s old flame Jake Cary returns to Palmetto with a broken heart and a gift for gardening, the town becomes filled with mysterious, potent botanicals and memories long forgotten. Soon enough, Jake and his ragtag group of helpers begin to unearth the secrets that have divided the Hanleys for decades.Written with the warmth of Lee Smith and the magical touch of Alice Hoffman, Secret Keepers is a beguiling second novel by the acclaimed author of The Garden Angel.

22 thoughts on “Waiting On Wednesday – May 12

  1. Vivienne, that's how I felt!Diane, me too!Aleksandra, oh good :)Laurel-Rain, doesn't it?Kathy, oh wow that's too bad. Unless you'll be at BEA instead (I'm so jealous!)Juju, I love the seed packet look too.


  2. Love that cover!!!!And in answer to your question earlier today, I think if you husband likes thrillers, he would LOVE Nelson DeMille's John Corey books! Even MY husband read them and like them … and that doesn't happen very often.


  3. Staci, Jenners, Mystica, I love the cover too!BD, I wish I could claim the review as my own but it's the synopsis from Goodreads. I haven't read the book yet but I hope to at some point!


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