Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharpe

Knit in Comfort: A Novel by Isabel Sharpe

Goodreads synopsis:
Because of her father’s belief that he was always “this close” to striking it rich, Megan Morgan grew up moving every few years, following her father’s bliss. In a moment of her own recklessness, Megan puts her foot down in senior year of high school-accepting a marriage proposal rather than move again.

Now, twenty years later, stability hasn’t given Megan all she imagined it would. Comfort, North Carolina is a tight-knit community, but Megan has never felt like she truly fit in. Sure, she does all the knitting and lace-making that the other ladies do, but she’s always felt a step apart. It takes the arrival of a new tenant to open Megan’s eyes to the true possibilities of a life in Comfort. But now that she knows what she could have, is she too late?

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My thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book. Southern atmosphere, a knitting group of women in their 30s who’ve known each other most of their lives, and a stranger who stirs things up while searching for a few answers in her own life all make for a good story.

Change is in the humid, fragrant air and I felt like I was right there watching it all start to play out. Isabel Sharpe wrote wonderful dialogue for her characters. I loved the fable that she worked into the novel. It’s a story Megan’s mother told her when Megan was going through a rough time in her teens. Her life, in a way, is a bit like the story – but which character is she? Five years into her marriage Megan discovered a secret but because she so desired stability, she decided to keep the secret. She decided to act as if it didn’t exist. Little by little that secret has taken something, her joy, from her life.

Elizabeth is the stranger who comes to Comfort after dreaming about her grandmother who told her to look for comfort. Elizabeth is looking for answers in her life so she grabs that dream and runs with it. She rents Megan’s garage apartment which also includes dinner each evening with the family. Little by little she is drawn into Megan’s life. One part of her life is the Purls – the knitting group comprised of Megan’s high school friends. Elizabeth is accepted as a new member and, ready or not, she asks questions that they never would have asked – and they answer. She moves them out of their comfort zone. She learns from them as well. Yes, change is in the air.

At the end I was happy to find an informative Q&A with the author.

Review copy from HarperCollins

16 thoughts on “Knit in Comfort by Isabel Sharpe

  1. wow..never have the idea of how a knitting community will be such a hit.and of course the story sounds really comforting and cosy.nice review =)


  2. Darlyn, I think when people sit and knit in a group they also talk. The conversation isn't always comforting and cosy and the women divulge a little more than they might ordinarily. ; )


  3. I have never been a knitter, quilter or any other type of sewing or craft, I do enjoy books about this type of community and the friendships that evolve from it.. Looking forward to readind this book.


  4. Now that knitting seems to be making a come back, there are several novels based on the subject. From what I've read on various blogs this seems to be one of the good ones. Thanks for your review.


  5. I am a fourteen year old boy and I wish I could knit. Books like these make me want to knit.It just seems so…fun.


  6. Beth, I hope you get to read it soon! Juju, I took a refresher knit class last year (hadn't knitted in 20 years!) and it was so much fun. I'm glad I did it.Kathy, I like to read novels set in the South.Kathleen, me too!P.W. thanks for visiting!Robby, go sign up for a class. It's so much fun!!Staci, I really enjoyed this!


  7. I am definitely not a knitter but loved the whole Friday Night Knitting Club series. You are right – the connection be between knitting groups and the opportunity to talk is what makes knitting groups perfect topics for novels!


  8. Booksnyc, other than providing a forum for all the women to gather, knitting played a minor part in the novel – which I really didn't think about until reading your comment :)Cheli, I'll watch for your review!Marie, it is!Kaye, thanks!


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