Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart

Husband and Wife

Goodreads synopsis:

In her youth, Sarah Price had dreams of becoming a poet. But the meticulously responsible 35-year-old traded her MFA for a steady job that allows her husband, Nathan, to devote himself to his fiction. And there are two small children who need their mother’s attention as well. But Sarah is happy and she believes Nathan is too, until she discovers that his new novel, Infidelity, is based in fact. Suddenly Sarah’s world is turned upside down. How well does she really know Nathan? And more importantly, how well does she know herself?

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My thoughts:
This is one of those books that makes me wish I belonged to a book club. Early on I wasn’t certain that I’d like it – I found it a bit depressing. But the writing kept me going. It was like listening to my best friend tell the awful thing that happened recently in her marriage. I couldn’t put the book down. I felt badly for her. I wanted to smack her selfish, idiot husband.

The story moves forward and backward as Sarah tries to figure out how she/they got to where they are now. When did she cease being Sarah the poet? How had marriage, children, a job changed her? That seems like a no-brainer but Leah Stewart takes us on Sarah’s journey of discovery and we find that it’s not that simple. I think any woman, especially one who is also a wife and mother, will identify in some way with Sarah. And, quite possibly, any man will identify with Nathan. I’d love to read Nathan’s version of the story. Husband and Wife is a good novel. I recommend it.

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16 thoughts on “Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart

  1. I started a book called Who killed Bianca (won in a giveaway) which evoked the same feelings in me – I am mad with this naive wife who cant see whats right under her nose!


  2. Mary, I was happy to hear you enjoyed this book. I liked her first book a lot (forget the name)?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


  3. I think I'd want to smack the husband silly. This sounds like a book my daughter could have written when she found put her husband was tomcatting around. SCUM! I'd like to see Nathan't "justification" side of the story too.


  4. Darlyn, I really liked this book.Mystica, Sometimes people see only what they want to see, you know?PW, that was what made me want to read the book!Diane, I think you mean "The Myth of You and Me" . I haven't read it but I will at some point – I really like L. Stewart's writing.Kaye, I'm so sorry for you daughter. In this book, as the story unfolds, we see how people change slowly and for writers, I was surprised by how little these two talked about their issues. Not sure why I expected they would but they held a lot in (especially the husband) until he found a release with someone else. Anyway, it's a good book but maybe I'd have a tough time seeing that if someone I loved went through a similar thing.


  5. This sounds really good Mary. I recently got it in for review so I'm excited to read it now. Thx. :D♥Nely


  6. I loved Leah Stewart's first novel, and I didn't even know about this one! Thanks for the heads up, and great review. 🙂


  7. I am a fan of Leah Stewart's writing and The Myth of You and Me is one of my favorite books. I am glad that you liked this one and that it would make for a good book club discussion has me intrigued. I have it to review and look forward to reading it.


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