Sunday Summary – May 2

Debbie Macomber (near the window on the right) book signing at Borders
I wish I had a close-up. This photo is from my phone

I went to a book signing by Debbie Macomber on Wednesday evening. She spoke “off the cuff” for about 20 minutes, answered some audience questions and then began to sign her books. I didn’t stay as there were at least 200 people in line. I really just wanted to hear what she had to say. She’s very funny. She shared things about her family and a few things about her books. Did you know that she didn’t go to college? She also told the crowd that she is dyslexic.

There will be a new Mrs. Miracle movie in time for Christmas 2010. Apparently the first Mrs. M movie was the most watched cable movie of 2009. That’s pretty amazing, I think. I recommend going to a signing if she comes to your area. My daughter went along with me and had a few comments about the audience demographic, etc. She made me laugh because I hadn’t noticed. The audience was made up of mostly women over 40. Also at the signing was a local yarn shop display of Debbie Macomber’s knitting items – yarns, patterns, etc.

Books read/reviewed last week:
Clean, Green, and Lean Chasing Perfect

The Bellini Madonna

Songs of Love and Death: Tales...