Waiting on Wednesday – Feb. 10

Mrs. Somebody Somebody
by Tracy Winn

Goodreads synopsis:
On the banks of the Merrimack River at the close of World War II, a young mill worker dreams of marrying rich and finally becoming Mrs. Somebody Somebody. But that dream is complicated–not only for her but for all of Lowell, which is changing rapidly as the

twentieth century progresses, and which Winn chronicles perfectly in a series of lives brushing up against one another. She writes from the perspective of mill owners and union organizers, hard-working immigrants and overindulged children, and weaves them together to create a brilliant portrait of a place.

In the tradition of Richard Russo and Elizabeth Strout, Winn captures the heart of industrial America, making it come alive with her absolutely stunning prose.

Mrs. Somebody Somebody: Fiction

Pub. date: June 8th 2010 by Random House Trade Paperbacks