Sunday Summary – Dec. 13

The view from my back door
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Books reviewed:


Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews
The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson
Jessica James stopped by for a guest post about what we can learn from historical fiction. Jessica is the author of Shades of Gray – it’s one of my favorite books read in 2009.
Thanks go toPolishOutlander for the Honest Scrap award:
The rules of this one is to list ten honest things about me
and then pass the award on to ten other book bloggers.
So here it goes:
I’m one of 8 siblings (one brother, six sisters)
I have three children (all in their 20s)
I have a degree in music education – piano concentration
I’ve visited Ireland twice
I climbed (hiked?) Croagh Patrick once
My favorite colors are blue and green
I have green eyes
I love really good chocolate
I almost never say no to a Manhattan cocktail
I named one of my daughters after a character in Little Women
I hope to live part of each year in a warmer climate in a few years
So that’s a little about me.
I’m going to leave the award to anyone who’d like to participate. It’s fun!